Red Dot Laser Engraving Wallet Cards Laser Engraved Wallet Card Note Insert | "I Fell in Love"
Red Dot Laser Engraving Wallet Cards Laser Engraved Wallet Card Note Insert | "I Fell in Love"
Red Dot Laser Engraving Wallet Cards Laser Engraved Wallet Card Note Insert | "I Fell in Love"
Red Dot Laser Engraving Wallet Cards Laser Engraved Wallet Card Note Insert | "I Fell in Love"

Laser Engraved Wallet Card Note Insert | "I Fell in Love"

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This wallet card is engraved with the message displayed and ships to you immediately!

Or you can Create & Design your own by clicking here.

Surprise your partner in a fun and romantic new way. ❤️

Just imagine hiding it in their wallet or purse and watch their reaction when they find it! We can already see the sparks flying!

It's a little piece of you they'll keep with them and see daily, no matter where they go. 

The note is laser engraved onto a premium aluminum card which slips right into any wallet and won't get damaged like a note or a photo.

And it's VERY strong and durable. It won't bend, scratch, fade, rust, or deteriorate. It will last forever because the engraving simply won't wear off.

No matter what you're celebrating (anniversaries, deployments, long distance relationships, Valentines Day, Christmas), this card is guaranteed to make them smile and bring you closer together! 🤗

Engraved in the USA! We are Veteran-Owned and Operated in Virginia so you can buy with complete confidence that you're getting an amazing card unlike any other.

Your partner will love it, just check out the reviews from other couples! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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👉 Credit Card Sized 

👉 Aluminum Card with Engraved Message (It's permanent and will last forever)

👉 Comes with Black Envelope (Ready to Gift!)

👍 We're Veteran-owned in the USA. You're getting the best product and service!


Add to cart today and we'll RUSH it to you or your loved one immediately. 

See our shop for our other pre-written/engraved cards or see below on how to create your own.

You will receive the card exactly as written if you purchase from this listing. Click here to write your own.

Hey there! I'm Steve Mount, the founder of Red Dot Laser Engraving.

My journey began in 2014, fueled by my passion for laser engraving and the desire to support my family. I turned my love for creating unique, custom gifts for friends and family into a thriving online business, based in Thornburg, VA, USA.

As a disabled USAF veteran, I'm committed to providing top-notch products and services. I'm equipped with a 30-watt Fiber laser and a 60-watt CO2 laser, which enable me to offer a wide range of engraving possibilities. From metal and glass to wood and acrylic, these state-of-the-art machines allow me to create intricate designs and achieve high-quality results.

While I love working on custom projects, it's important to note that custom work is limited, and I handle all project requests on a case-by-case basis. I strive to accommodate as many unique ideas as possible, but please understand that not all projects can be taken on. Additionally, I do not offer engraving services for firearms.

I've built a loyal customer base, catering to those looking for personalized gifts and businesses seeking promotional items. The happiness on customers' faces when they receive their custom-engraved gifts keeps me going. I take pride in creating cherished memories and supporting my family through a business I'm passionate about.

My story is about turning dreams into reality, overcoming challenges, and inspiring others to follow their passions. I hope my journey with Red Dot Laser Engraving encourages you to take that leap and create your own success story.

Steve Mount Red Dot Laser Engraving

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