The Artisan's Story: Red Dot Laser Engraving

Steve MountWelcome! I'm Steve Mount, and Red Dot Laser Engraving is my personal canvas where your memories become my masterpieces.

In 2014, I embarked on a quest to transform my fascination for laser engraving into an endeavor that celebrates life's milestones. Every etch, every piece, is a fragment of my dedication, delivered from my hands to your heart right here in Thornburg, VA.

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2005 while serving in the Air Force, and since then, I have been committed to engraving not just materials, but memories that last a lifetime.

As a USAF veteran, the values of service, precision, and quality are at the core of everything we do. With our 30-watt Fiber laser and 60-watt CO2 laser, we bring your most cherished moments to life on materials ranging from metal to acrylic​.

Our engraved wallet cards and exclusive items are more than gifts; they are love notes that never fade, celebrations of life's milestones, and daily reminders of affection that fit snugly into your life​​.

Our products are crafted with the intent to connect people, whether they're celebrating anniversaries, honoring deployments, or simply wanting to share a message that transcends distance and time.

Engraved right here in the USA, each piece is a slice of our passion, ready to find its way to you with free, fast shipping, and the promise of a smile upon arrival​​.

We invite you to explore our offerings, share in the joy of giving, and become a part of our story—a story of turning dreams into tangible tokens of affection, overcoming life's obstacles, and inspiring you to etch your mark on the world.

Thank you for choosing Red Dot Laser Engraving, where we craft not just gifts, but everlasting connections.