Red Dot Laser Engraving Lighters Nintendo Game Boy Flip Lighter
Red Dot Laser Engraving Lighters Nintendo Game Boy Flip Lighter
Red Dot Laser Engraving Lighters Nintendo Game Boy Flip Lighter
Red Dot Laser Engraving Lighters Nintendo Game Boy Flip Lighter
engraved game boy zippo style flip lighter

Nintendo GameBoy Flip Lighter

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Harness the power of nostalgia and create your own spark with our iconic GameBoy flip lighter!

It's portable, fun, and flippin' awesome... 🤣

This stylishly designed lighter, crafted with premium metal and etched to perfection, captures the look of our beloved gaming console from the 1980s. It's built for long-lasting use throughout your journeys - a perfect companion through all life has to offer!

We also include a stylish black gift box for your convenience, making it easy to gift. Get yours now and light up your life with a classic retro twist!

Laser engraved flip lighter
Brand: Star
Retro gaming design
Premium metal construction
Replaceable insert
Gift box included
Works with Zippo brand lighter fluid
Fast and free shipping
Laser Engraved in the USA

FAQ: "Can I replace the lighter insert with a Zippo brand insert?" Many customers have replaced the lighter insert successfully with their own Zippo insert, but we can't guarantee yours will fit.

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